Bill Gates - The Digital Author
- a book review of "Business @ the Speed of Thought"

This article is also published by the IKSM journal: Volume 3, Number 2

This book is important for two reasons: first of all since information technology will change the way organizations will work in the future, this will impact on both businesses and governments. Ignorance of the effects could be a matter of life and death, or at the minimum a matter of use or abuse of opportunity.

Secondly, the fact that a man like Bill Gates, one of the most influential people in business, takes time to tell a story is most likely reason enough in itself for many people to read it. By predicting something, that so many people will read and consider, could ultimately make this book fulfill its own prophecy.

This book or a book on the same subject is, in my opinion, a “must read” for any manager that runs an organization today. Undoubtedly information technology will change the ways we do business with the next decade to come. Reacting based on the review guidelines of this book could be the starting point for an organization in taking advantages of the potential of the future.

The book gave me a lot of insight into the “mind of Microsoft”, even though I would consider myself knowledgeable about this organization already. The positive approach to information technology and the importance of how it can and will shape the way to do business must not be ignored, in saying this I do agree with Bill Gates that the 2000s is and will be about velocity. This is based on the arguments of this book combined with my personal experience in the business intelligence field. The book appears right up this alley, and it highlights issues from the strategic level, yet gives a hands-on perspective so business managers can have the greatest benefit from it.

Having read about Bill Gates excitement for e-mail as well as having personally tried Microsoft’s efficiency by the use of e-mail, it is not hard to guess why Bill Gates put an @ in the title.

In my opinion, this book undoubtedly solved its goal of teaching managers the importance of a digital nervous system. My only concern is, that knowing about the causes that Bill Gates is involved in, along with much of the information of his biography; one can only assume that he is aware and caring for the opportunities and threats of the global digitalization, thus I would hope that he will cover this in the short future. Recognizing that this has not been the primary focus of this book, I would like to see Bill Gates or a person just as known and recognized doing so. This would both be a natural progression to this subject, a book worth reading and needing to be written…

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Updated 2002-11-04

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