Management by Stars 

The Potential for Management from
a New Breed of Computer Systems
Inspired by Astrology

Inspired by the philosophy of astrology, this research will investigate the hypothesis that it is possible to predict whether a person will perceive a future week as being better or worse than an average week.

This hypothesis is not rejected since this research succeeds in creating a mathematical formula, based on five months input of astrological and employee satisfaction, that is able to predict whether the individual’s satisfaction will be above or below average on the following unknown month, with 71% precision.

The ability to predict satisfaction has a huge potential, even though it is not an exact science. It will be possible for managers to “get more lucky” in planning and ensuring that the individual potential throughout an organization is better utilized. If the manager is aware when an employee is going to be feeling good in the future, planning can be done to ensure that tasks that require the employee’s best performance are planned in such periods.

Additionally, the findings of this research have the potential for developing an entirely new breed of human - computer interaction. Through this type of technology it would be possible to create computer systems that “understand” us better. It would be possible to create systems that could adapt better to our moods. Such systems can span anywhere from an “energy compass”, which would be an application where we are able to read and interpret the energies impacting ourselves and others in order to create a better flow in our lives, to complex applications within the pervasive computing domain that create intelligent environments that apply coloring, music, smell etc. to accommodate the mood of an individual or group.

Whether it is one application or another, there is in my mind no doubt that an interesting new breed of computer applications could arise from an enhanced interactive interface that “knows” us better.

I do believe that the findings are encouraging; at least to pose the “What if?” question. With this, future research might extend further into the area of ancient sciences that appear to have been lost over the years, as well as research into the field of a better and more intuitive human – machine interaction.

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Updated 2003-04-02

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