31st March 2002 - Business Research Methods

I completed my reading of "Business Research Methods" by D. Cooper and P. Schindler. Undoubtedly this book will benefit in my upcoming research projects. Much of the information was of course repetition of what I have done in practice on my MBA dissertation, but this book gave concrete advice as well as provided a structured framework. I liked the parts of hypothesis design, testing and revising; I have to admit that in my previous MBA study I put few resources in such iterations. The same goes for research instrument design. This is in high contrast to the fact, that I already made a number of modifications to the research design of my next Rushmore research project while reading this book.

On a personal note, I could not help noticing the number of references in the book to software packages from SPSS and SAS. Since I work for a company that provides similar software tools, I would urge our company, TARGIT, to make people in the research community more aware of our products and offerings.

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