26th October 2002 - Gutfeeling: Instinct & Spirituality @ work

Today I started off on a blank sheet since I finalized my research project yesterday. Starting off with some meditation and tai chi, I felt the urge to expand on the literature research that is still pending for my next articles and my book.

I read "Gutfeeling: Instinct & Spirituality @ work" by Peter Urs Bender. This book is a tremendous reference piece that explains the benefits of using instinct and spirituality in a number of business and personal situations. Benders definition of spirituality is a balance between the three aspects of Energy, Gutfeeling (intuition, instinct, the subconscious) and Creativity; and through a dictionary approach where it is possible to look up practically any situation, he explains the importance of and the benefits from the Gutfeeling.

Personally, I do think that Bender makes a good case and it definitely read worthy; however I find his approach to spirituality somewhat inferior to that of Robert Cooper, and though Bender might not have tried to solve all life’s mysteries, some of his interpretations of phenomenons such as astrology seem rather judgemental, hence slightly narrow minded.

My personal interpretation set aside, this book will add value to my "Military Tactics or Business Strategy" and "Management by Stars" articles.

In the first article, Benders statement: "Spirituality does not come from religion, religion comes from spirituality." could be used to elaborate on the individualization of employees; is spirituality really an individualization of religion?

In the second article, Benders negative attitude towards astrology is definitely a relevant "con" in the discussion of the findings.

All in all it was a few hours worth spending…

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