7th November 2002 - Reducing the Fog Index

I had an opportunity to spend the past 3 days with Pat in person while touring Denmark. This was simply a GREAT experience!!!

While touring around and talking, there were a lot of pieces that seemed to fall into place with regards to my next 3 papers. Other than that there were a lot of other good stuff in terms of inspiration and academic guidance:

"Business Analytics in the Future": Some readers might note that I changed the title, as I believe that this is a better and more down to earth description. With Pat’s guidance I have now locked into an analytical process as follows:

1 use turn constant sum into ranking for both scenarios

2 based on multidimensional scaling use congruence matching to find patterns

3 name congruence clusters based on their behavior

4 describe the behavioral tradeoffs the participants in the clusters make

5 describe the clusters using the post hoc factors

In general Pat suggested that an improvement in this analysis over the one done with Web Usability would be to keep respondents as individuals all the way through the analysis, no averages should be used in the description of the segments -if that was necessary case, the congruence in a cluster is not close enough. By doing so, we will not risk getting blinded by the average.

"Management by Stars": In this paper, I will investigate into stepwise linear regression to see if this is an optimal analytic process to support the research.

"Military Tactics or Business Strategy": In this article, Pat suggested involving nano-technologies as a mean to describe the organizations of the future; this makes sense as my own view of a successful future organization is one that mimics the behavior of a living organism. This picture metaphor is also more positive than "military" in my opinion, thus the title of this project might change shortly. However, the military tactics will still be used in the paper.

In general, I believe that the fog has cleared a lot with on the area of behavioral analysis, especially the point of making sure that we are making sure to be just to the individual respondents in terms of not hiding them in averages. Another issue that Pat stressed was that of the falsifiable hypothesis. A hypothesis can never be true; the most we can hope for is a hypothesis not being rejected. I have never considered the fine difference in this wording, but surely I will not make that mistake again…

The only thing which I am a little unsure of by now is how to get a hold of one of the books Pat authored. By now, I would very much like to hear from anyone who has a suggestion on how to get a hold on the following:

"Personal Selling In a Modern Perspective" by Robinson J. Patrick and Stidsen, (1967), Allyn & Bacon Inc, Boston

May I finally suggest that other students at Rushmore or elsewhere if at all possible spend time "hanging out with their tutors". For me this was truly a rewarding experience!

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