11th November 2002 - "Management by Stars" preliminary Findings

Yesterday, I had my first test of a regression program that tested a simple linear regression against the data from the "Management by Stars" project.

The findings were encouraging! Using just simple linear regression, there appears to be a relationship between the certain horoscope energies and the employee satisfaction when looking at a monthly average: 4 out of 7 employees had a significant correlation (60% or more accountable), 2 had a less significant (between 51% and 59%) and only one had a correlation that was less than 50% reliable.

The energies that correlated to the employees’ satisfactions were different from one employee to another, and in one case that optimal correlation could be found by a grouping of energies rather than just one.

These findings confirm that the research will indeed uncover a relation; however the strength of the relation will not be determined until stepwise multiple regression has been applied to the data.

Knowing that the findings will only improve more in terms of not rejecting the relation of horoscope/employee satisfaction when applying more advanced mathematical modeling, I am highly motivated to continue my research on the data in this research project…

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Updated 2002-11-11

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