30th December 2002 - Published Business Analytics Research

For two months now I have been working hard to complete a research paper into the positioning of Business Analytics software in relation to the software that also resides in a company, namely: spreadsheet and ERP systems. I finally made it with my paper:

Business Analytics - From Chosen Few to Common World View

The process of researching was a good experience, with regards to the findings I was confirmed in the ideas that we have been pursuing in our company for some years now. With regards to the research process, I now have a good grip on perceptual mapping, in particular the approach of segmenting post-hoc. The research process has been very challenging for me and has required me to program quite a lot geometric formulas. Furthermore, it has required me to coordinate extensively with my peers since this paper should be used in a broader context for our company.

All in all a paper I am quite happy with, and a paper that should add value to the dialogue about the relevance and benefits of Business Analytics.

Please judge yourself and let me know what YOU think ;-)

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Updated 2002-12-31

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