10th January 2003 - The Global Technology Revolution

Today I read "The Global Technology Revolution" by Philip S. Antón, Richard Silberglitt and James Schneider. This book covered a summary of the trends in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Materials, and how these trends could develop by 2015 through the synergy with information technology.

What is obvious from reading the book, is the many variables in the future scenarios; in particular the biotechnology which in my mind is most subject to uncertainty due to the various aspects of ethical dilemmas in cloning and xenotransplants; the latter being a word for transplanting organs from one species to another. Since these ethical dilemmas do not abide to any physical laws so to speck, they are a factor that is highly unreliable in terms of forecasting.

In any case, this book is valuable input for considering the potential of technologies and the benefits and problems they might cause. Undoubtedly, the technological revolution will by far surpass the agro- and industrial predecessors in terms of impact on the shape of our every-days lives.

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The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?”


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