22nd January 2003 - Nanotechnology and Astrology

My findings in the "Management by Stars" research continue. Today I made it to creating expressions that are able to predict whether a week will be good, bad or average with 52% accuracy when tested against test data. It should be mentioned that two employees are described quite accurate; it is the remaining four participants that drive the total accuracy down. The problem with the expressions generated by multiple regression seems to be an inability to predict if an employee will have an average day, in other words stabilizing the output on in the middle between the bivalent good or bad outputs.

This has led me to continue calculating multiple regressions for the four employees, in order to investigate whether a more accurate formula will be able to handle the more fuzzy outputs. All in all, more time is needed ;-)

While the computers are processing the five factor multiple regressions, I finished "NANO: The Emerging Science of Nanotechnology" by Ed Regis. In this book Regis takes us on a well written journey through the discoveries in the past century that has lead to the contemporary Nanoscience. It was interesting to read about the actual progress in technology from microscopic electrical engines to blueprints of Nanorobots. In particular, I enjoyed a comparison between mechanical and biological building parts; which suggests that a Nanomachine does not necessarily have to consist of traditional mechanical parts.

In general the idea of creating items on Nanoscale has started my mind up on generating ideas for the software that should control these fascinating machines; in my opinion the systems development trick appears to downscale complexity and functionality in specific unit and compensate with the number of units. It seems the product of simplicity multiplied totals to much more than any single complex expression.

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Updated 2003-01-22

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