31st January 2003 - A Study of Numbers

I read "A Study of Numbers: A guide to the constant creation of the universe" by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. This book reminds me of the movie "A Beautiful Mind" about John Nash who met similar barriers as Descartes when attempting to describe the world and mind respectively with formulas and numbers.

This being said, the book gives food for thought to the very existence of the universe and the degree of chaos that surrounds us. It was interesting to learn about how and to some extent why the representation of the numbers 1 through 10 has great meaning in the mystics of Kabbala as well as ancient Egyptian and Pythagonian mystic.

Another interesting aspect of the book is that it claims science to be locked within patterns that blinds it from the true holistic science. To some extent, I truly believe this claim has a lot of relevance; at least it will serve as a mental note for me to keep glancing for the forest even though surrounded by trees…

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Updated 2003-01-31

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