5th February 2003 - Coup d’État and some Programming

In a few days I read "Coup d’État" by Edward N. Luttwak. My reason for reading Luttwak’s work was to get insight in some of his ideas with respect to economics; however this book is a practical handbook in ceasing control in a country through a coup. Although, my angle to reading the book was slightly off, I still believe that it was a good experience. The idea of planning and executing a coup presents a number of problems such as target identification, priority and limited resources. Moreover, the secrecy which is necessary in order not to be detected by the current regime presents a challenge.

I believe that the book is just as inspiring and valuable input as many of the other books I have read on the subject of military tactics; and the abstract problems of executing a coup seems to apply to business as well. In particular smaller businesses with scarce resources could learn from these tactics, since they aim to win over sympathy as well as focus their efforts on key objectives in the hostile world surrounding them.

With regards to the "Management by Stars" research, I am reprogramming my multiple regression program to include more sources of energies to test for relations to the employee satisfaction. With this I hope to achieve similar predictability accuracy of the employee satisfaction on a weekly level as experienced on the monthly level. –more to come…

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