20th February 2003 - The Pythagorean Sourcebook and the Stars

For the past 10 days I have been traveling in the US. During my trip, I had an excellent opportunity to rethink some of the algorithms for my processing of the data in the "Management by Stars" project. Right now there is new processing going on which is expected to end in about two days; I have made enhancements so that the multiple regressions will be tested across more than one period, both weekly and bi-weekly averages of satisfaction and energy.

I also brought along "The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library: An Anthology of Ancient Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy" by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie, Diogenes Laertius and Joscelyn Godwin. This compilation of sources gives an interesting perspective on the life, research and philosophy of Pythagoras, who was the first person know in history to label himself a philosopher. It is particularly interesting to learn the divine perspective that Pythagoras and his followers put into pure mathematics and numbers. Additionally, the thoughts of eternity, matter and even atoms seem to have not only evolved into contemporary science, but also into the ancient occult and mystics.

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Updated 2003-02-20

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