22nd February 2003 - 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch

In parallel with my ongoing research I read "29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch" by Robert Slater. The Secrets are:

1. Harness the Power of Change

2. Face Reality!

3. Managing Less is Managing Better

4. Create a Vision and then Get Out of the Way

5. Donít Pursue a Central Idea; Instead, Set Only a Few Clear, General Goals and Business Strategies

6. Nurture Employees Who Share then Companyís Values

7. Keep Watch for Ways to Create Opportunities and to Become More competitive

8. Be Number One or Number Two and Keep Redefining Your Market

9. Downsize, Before Itís Too Late!

10. Use Acquisitions to Make the Quantum Leap!

11. Use Boundarylessness and Empowerment to Nurture a Learning Culture

12. Inculcate the Best Ideas into the Business, No Matter Where They Come From.

13. The Big Winners in the Twenty-first Century Will Be Global

14. De-Layer: Get Rid of the Fat!

15. Spark Productivity through Speed, Simplicity and Self-Confidence

16. Act Like a Small Company

17. Remove the Boundaries!

18. Unleash the Energy of Your Workers

19. Listen to the People Who Actually Do the Work

20. Go Before Your Workers and Answer All Their Questions

21. Stretch: Exceed Your Goals as Often as You Can

22. Make Quality Your Top Priority

23. Make Quality the Job of Every Employee

24. Make Sure Everyone Understands How Six Sigma Works

25. Make Sure the Customers Feels Quality

26. Grow Your Service Business: Itís the Wave of the Future

27. Take Advantage of E-Business Opportunities

28. Make Existing Businesses Internet Ready - Donít Assume That New Business Models Are the Answer

29. Use E-Business to Put the Final Nail in Bureaucracy

In the book each secret is described in detail and exemplified by the works of Jack Welch in General Electrics. Additionally, the book gives some insight in one of the biggest business minds of the twentieth century and his almost fanatic quest for elimination of bureaucracy and quality improvement.

Personally, I found it interesting that some of Jack Welchís ideas for improving business units performance and agility were inspired by nineteenth century Prussian warfare; the tactics that later came to be know as "maneuver warfare".

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Updated 2003-02-22

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