1st April 2003 - Management by Stars

I finally submitted by draft for editing on this research, and I expect to be able to publish shortly.

Here is an appetizer of what to come:

Inspired by the philosophy of astrology, this research will investigates the hypothesis that it is possible to predict whether a person will perceive a future week better or worse than an average week.

This hypothesis is not rejected since this research succeeds in creating a mathematical formula based on five months input of astrological and employee satisfaction, this formula is able to predict whether the satisfaction will be above or below average on the following unknown month with 71% precision.

I do believe that the findings are encouraging; at least to pose the "What if?" question. With this, future research might extend further into the area of ancient sciences that appears to have been lost over the years, as well as research into the field of a better and more intuitive human - machine interaction.

Stay tuned... ;-)

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Updated 2003-04-01

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