16th May 2003 - The Logic of Was and Peace

It took me some time to read "Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace" by Edward N. Luttwak, the reason being that I have been working on a patent that had to be completed as well.

The book theorizes about the paradoxes of war and peace, although it is hard to find the passages in the book dedicated to describing peace. However, having my own experiences on the lower officer levels in the army, the book is interesting as it gives a much more broad perspective. In particular, the escalation from operational to tactical, through theater to grand strategy has been very inspiring to me.

The best parts in my opinion are the examples of there strategies and tactics can eliminate the common operational logic, thus allow an army to do more with less e.g. through maneuver warfare. The tactics that can be applied through good communication and intelligence combined with bold moves can significantly sway the outcome of battles. I find this interesting in particular since my primary aim with the CALM concept is to render companies and organizations to do more with less.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone interested in military strategy, and who might already have read the works of Sun Tzu or Carl von Clausewitz.

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Updated 2003-05-17

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