26th July 2003 - Inside the Tornado

I finally made it through "Inside the Tornado : Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge" by Geoffrey A. Moore, my efforts have been somewhat slowed by an intense summer heat and the opportunities that can be associated with this ;-)

The book is a very insightful piece of knowledge about the forces that are at play in the high tech business when breakthrough technologies result in paradigm shifts. Moore uses the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) to describe the appropriate business models for the four stages of this, namely: Early market, Bowling Alley, Tornado and Main Street.

Moore points out by examples that the focus in terms of customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence shifts as a technology moves through the TALC. Therefore it is imperative to be aware of a technological stage in order to apply the optimal strategy according to Moore.

Having worked more than a decade in the information technology market, I can definitely relate this book to personal experience and therefore I do think that this book is relevant to everyone working at strategic level in either marketing or product development in this industry. However, one word of caution should be that the number of examples appear to be limited to the top 10 companies of Silicon Valley and furthermore these examples dates back to early to mid 1990s. Therefore, I would not recommend this book as a piece of reference for strategic planning, but rather as a highly competent piece of inspiration for this process.

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