26th September 2003 - Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Today I found a nice small guide regarding "The Mistakes to Avoid When Constructing a Real-Time Data Warehouse" by Stephen Brobst of the Data Warehousing Institute.

The mistakes are:

- Focusing on "Real" time rather than "Right" time

- Confusion between bookkeeping, decision making, and action taking

- Using legacy ETL [Extract Transform Load] infrastructure

- Too much summary data

- Lack of high availability

- Failure to initiate business process changes

- Separate ODS [Operational Data Stores] deployment per channel

- Underestimating the importance of historical data

- Failure to integrate the data

- Assume all knowledge workers want real-time data

Working in an organization that has been in the business intelligence industry for almost ten years, and having implemented my own share of data warehouses, I believe that these simple pragmatic guidelines make sense. The essence is to focus on business requirements rather than requirements, thus the focus is to put the data in a data warehouse to intelligent work on all organizational levels towards and including the operational level; essentially changing the organizations ability to act according to the mantra of the article: "From Chosen Few to Common World View".

Although the top ten mistakes to avoid are based on experience with real-time, I believe that they also apply to data warehousing in a broader sense.

For those of you interested in data warehousing in general, please stop by the TARGIT website and see how at least one company in the industry seeks to aid in the ability to get the right and relevant data turned into valuable decisions throughout an organization…. ;-)

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Updated 2003-09-26

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