9th January 2004 - Value-Based Business Creation

During the past week I read "Value-Based Business Creation" by Nils Randrup, Torben Moller and Dan Hoyer. This book is essentially a framework for creating a value based company; and in my personal opinion as an entrepreneur myself I am certain that new entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the detailed and in-depth general information, as well as the thorough walkthrough of the planning processes while building and the business processes while running a new company.

This book is good in particular because it takes into consideration the information age following the Dotcom collapse at the end of the past century. This allows the reader to benefit from the latest technological lessons; while maintaining focus and grasp on creating value for customers, a thing that has also been in the best practices of companies that succeeded before the so-called new economy.

Personally, I liked the tips for presentation new ideas; not only does the book describe what should be included in a good presentation of a new business idea, it also gives presentation advise on how to make your points come across more powerful and persuasive. This psychological input is in my opinion greatly beneficial for new entrepreneurs as well as the rest of us who occasionally need to convey and message for other people….

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Updated 2004-01-09

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The time frame for this well-informed and provocative speculation on relatively near-term and more distant potentials is clearly within mankind's grasp. Dr. Middelfart argues persuasively that within the next one or two decades, symbiotic links with "intelligent machines" will surely leverage people's potentials, far beyond all human progress to date!

Altogether, a tour de force of well-informed contemporary insights and maturely reasoned speculation; affording possible stepping stones and a creative springboard for what may lie ahead. As has been said: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp; else what's a heaven for?”


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