17th November 2004 - Claimed another Patent, and other news...

It has been a while since I updated the news, so a number of things have happened:

Today a fellow colleague, Tommy Jensen, and I claimed a patent on "A database track history" which in short is about maintaining a history of the users’ analytical path through a Business Intelligence application. For a complete list of patents and patents pending please refer to the Work Section.

During the weekend I also had the fun of skydiving some ten jumps in Italy at Body Flight University; it is a highly recommendable place, high jumps from a standard 15.000 feet and a very friendly atmosphere. During this trip I celebrated crossing the line to three digit counting as I have now completed 103 jumps in total. For more skydiving information, video etc. please refer to Team Prankster’s homepage (sorry, Danish only).

Finally, my book is still in second editing, and still hope that it will be available before X-Mas this year...

That is all for now ;-)

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Updated 2004-11-17

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