26th May 2005 - Freedom from the Known

I consumed the mind provoking "Freedom from the Known" by Jiddu Krishnamurti over a few days. This book is truly an eye opener in that it highlights the fundamental problem of the human nature, namely the constant struggle for tomorrow. The advice from Krishnamurti is that one should move from a state where we continuously compare our situation and fear disadvantageous changes in our surroundings to a state of awareness and passion for the "Now" wherever that may be. We consume a lot of energy in worrying for the future based past experiences, hence we are never really present in the "Now" –and if we are, we are referencing the world from our own point of view. To truly "be" we must shift our energies to experience where we are, when we are, through awareness.

Essentially the point of the book is not to give guidance; rather it is a set of mind provoking statements that serve to stimulate our curiosity to discover our own meaning rather than following the structure, systems of rules forced upon us by others –or by our own narrow-mindedness.

In my opinion this is a remarkable and definitely read-worthy book, in particular I liked Krishnamurti’s view on meditation, which according to him is not about systems and focus; it is about awareness and passion for the moment. The reason for this is, that the first will let us ease the mind for conscious and unconscious energy consumption which in it self is good, but the latter will allow us to experience our own being and life rather than knowing of it. According to Krishnamurti, to think we know is a mental reference that is biased and therefore false; true knowledge comes through awareness of all the energies surrounding us...

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