10th June 2005 - Freefall

It has been a long and captivating experience to read the book "Freefall" by Tom Read; a former SAS (Special Air Service) soldier that went through a remarkable schizophrenic condition and seemed to recover. The book describes many exciting experiences during his time in the British Parachute Regiment, in SAS and during the planning of breaking the world record by doing a freefall from 40 kilometres. The sum of experiences combined with stress undoubtedly contributed if not created the severe mental condition which eventually leads Read to attempt murdering his girlfriend. The book is an interesting journey through the human mind under stress, and on the side one gets a lot of interesting information about SAS and skydiving.

Remarkably, Read seems to recover from the dark illusions of his mind through meditation, a method that allows him to free himself of the numbing medication. An excellent book for anyone interested in skydiving, special forces or simply the deep workings of a mind out of touch with reality.

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