28th October 2005 - Next Generation of Software and 500+ Jumps

It has been a while since the last entry, and mostly I have been busy doing strategic work in TARGIT in terms of designing a new generation of business intelligence tools for leaders and managers, codenamed: "The Intelligent Business Cockpit". If you haven't guessed it; these tools are of course highly aligned with the CALM ideas. ;-)

Also, I have spent a lot of time skydiving. A few months ago I passed 500 jumps, and after some training I am now a Tandem-Master. I have already taken a few of my colleagues to the skies over Denmark as seen in the picture below.

Finally, this weekend one of my skydiving friends stopped by, we only had one jump due to the weather, but if was one of these jumps where things just worked out even though the conditions were far from optimal. If you have seen some of the other skydiving videos, you should be able to find some improvement in my headdown position at 500+ jumps. [See Video]

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Updated 2005-10-28

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