5th May 2006 - Transcending Fear

In retrospect I am slightly surprised that it took me a while to read through the latest book, "Transcending Fear" by Brian Germain, since this book is indeed up my alley in terms of moving to the next level by surpassing our fears; both personally and interpersonally. In my CALM book, entire chapters are dedicated to this human challenge which is paramount to harvesting our own potential as well as that of organizations. Therefore, reading this well written and highly interesting book could be expected to be a short undertaking...

I guess the primary reason for spending more time than usual in digesting the subject is that even though I have worked with this particular subject for quite some time, Brianís angle on fear was worth a thorough consideration and afterthought. I found the book both highly intelligent as well as moving; and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in the field of self-development, stress-relief, or simply just interested in one of the most inherited limitations of human beings.

Some of the most interesting parts of the book, in my opinion, are the techniques suggested to calm down deliberately and start focusing, rather than letting fear -or stress for that matter- overwhelm us. I have personally taken some of these and started to suggest them to passengers when I am jumping tandem-skydives with them.

A funny thing is that while I was almost finished reading this book, Brian sent me the nice pictures shown on this page. I think these pictures are excellent symbols of the state of mind we should be seeking, and Brianís book is definitely a good start for a peaceful, yet extreme, personal journey towards a better life...

Truly Well Done Brian! ;-)

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Updated 2006-05-05

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