24th July 2006 - B.A.S.E. Jumping

B.A.S.E : Building, Antenna, Span & Earth

Last week I went on a mission to Norway to try B.A.S.E. jumping. Ever since my first skydives I have wanted to try this, while at the same time I was aware that this was a high-risk activity…

From talking to a number of people that have B.A.S.E. jumped before, I found that the mountain Kjerag in Norway was probably the best place to try it since there is a course dedicated to first time B.A.S.E. jumpers; moreover B.A.S.E. is legal there so the jump can be done during day-time. Another thing is that Kjerag is 950 meters high, and this means that there is time to move away from the unforgiving cliff-side if the canopy does not open "on heading", meaning away from the mountain wall.

One of the things that is also very different in B.A.S.E. is the equipment used; here there is only one canopy –no reserve- therefore with only one option for a canopy the emergency procedures for a faulty canopy are significantly different. I think the main lesson for me is that even though a reserve canopy fails in a normal skydive there are still options; the mantra is "never give up!" and keep focusing on the problems –much like in other aspects of life- but with B.A.S.E. things are brought into a very clear perspective.

Enough said; the rest is history… [See Video]

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Updated 2006-08-07

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