26th February 2008 - Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques

Over the past weeks I read "Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques" by Jiawei Han and Micheline Kamber. The book is a great introduction to the overall concepts of data mining, while at the same time it offers concrete insight how to use and implement these concepts in applications. It also introduces a few OLAM (On-Line Analytical Mining) approaches that still remain to be seen on the broad commercial scene e.g. multimedia and spatial mining. This second edition of the book is published in 2006 and thus offers a good impression of state-of-the-art in the fairly young science of data mining.

For me, the book was a great inspiration as well as background knowledge for the "Seeking for Business Intelligence Sentinels" project which I am conducting at this time. At this moment I am at the point where I need to establish the differentiating factors of my work from current data mining state-of-the-art. All in all, the book was very captivating for me, and I feel that perhaps data mining should play a larger role in my projects going forward based on this. Time will show...


On another note, I am proud to announce that my tutor at Daisy, Torben Bach Pedersen, has now been named Professor of Business Intelligence. Notably, he is the first professor to carry this title in Denmark! A BIG congratulation from me for what, in my mind, is a fair reward for years of dedication to the field.

[Read the press release here (Danish only)]

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