3rd June 2008 - Programming Supercomputers

Last week, I attended a great course by professors Brian Vinter, Josva Kleist and Bent Thomsen in the art of programming supercomputers. Supercomputing has of course changed its face over the years, and today, the best results with massive computational power seem to lie in the parallelization of processors and memory –at least until a breakthrough in quantum computers comes along… ;-)

With the access to the local supercomputer, Fyrkat, I had the great experience of revisiting the curiosity of a child, which I have only had in few occasions since the days of the Commodore c64. The Fyrkat supercomputer has 672 processor cores across 84 boards which can perform 6.263 gigaflops per second or to put it another way: floating point operations per second…!

My access so far has been spent on the Monte Carlo approach to calculating Pi; not necessarily an efficient approach, but a very good way to lean test the efficiency of parallel processing. It has been fun and games so far; but I can’t help wondering if it would make sense to include more of Fyrkat in my upcoming research.

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